What is Indu Bakery?

Put simply, Indu Bakery is a microbakery in Midtown Memphis that specializes in long fermented and naturally-leavened breads. Over the past two years, we have formed partnerships with regional stone mills and local grain growers to source a variety of heritage and specialty grains that are then cold, stone-milled for us just days before being baked with.

Following the path laid by strong regional grain movements in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast, we hope to be a force that creates a more robust and resilient regional grain economy here in the Mid-South. It all just has to happen a loaf at a time.

If you'd like to learn more about our ingredient sourcing, bread making process, and mission, please check out Our Mission.

If you're interested in trying our bread, check out our online bakeshop!

How does ordering work?

Local Delivery: If you live in Midtown Memphis or on Mud Island, the easiest way to get your order is to select Local Delivery at checkout. Just choose what day you would like your bread delivered on, and we will get it to you that very evening! 

To see if you live within our delivery zone, just enter your home address at checkout. Additionally, for orders over $20, we offer free delivery!

Store Pickup: If you don't live in Midtown Memphis, don't worry! Just select Store Pickup at checkout and pick up your order at Rootstock Wine Merchants! Located in the Edge District close to Downtown Memphis, our friends at Rootstock offer an incredible selection of artisan-made, small-batch wines and spirits. Pickups are available after 4pm on your chosen pickup day (since we bake your order fresh that very morning!) We'll send you email reminder the moment that your order is ready for pickup!

How does Local Delivery work?

We currently deliver to a large block of Midtown Memphis as well as anywhere on Mud Island. The easiest way to find out if we deliver to your home is to enter your address at checkout.

If you live within our delivery zone, we charge a flat rate $2 delivery fee. However, on orders over $20, we offer FREE delivery! Just checkout as usual and free delivery will automatically be applied to your order.

Once you've placed your Local Delivery order, you'll soon receive an order confirmation with your chosen delivery date. On the day of your delivery, we'll keep you updated as to when you're order is out for delivery! Typically, we bake in the mornings and deliver between 4-7pm.

Please note that, at this time, we are unable to deliver to apartment buildings located in our delivery zone due to the logistical issues involved.

How does Store Pickup work?

We are really excited to be able to offer a pickup location for our bread at Rootstock Wine Merchants! If you don't live within our Local Delivery zone, then this option is perfect for you!

Just select Store Pickup at checkout and pickup your order at Rootstock Wine Merchants in the Edge District! Just chose the day you want to pick up your order, and it'll be waiting for you after 4pm. Just ask one of our friends at Rootstock to grab your order for you (and check out their great selection of artisan-made wines as well).

Do you have a storefront in Memphis?

Indu Bakery was built on the premise that there is still space for micro-bakeries that utilize regional, stone-milled flours to make naturally-leavened breads to thrive.

Unfortunately, the overhead costs and margins associated with operating a bakery storefront are inordinately high for a small business that is still new to the scene. As we grow, we hope to be able to offer you not only baked goods of the highest quality, but also more avenues for dialogue between baker and eater!