Great bread starts with great flour

We proudly partner with regional stone mills and family farms to source our flours. All our flours are cold stone-milled within days of use in our bakeshop in an attempt to preserve and transmit the flavor and identity of the specialty grains we source. 

We use exclusively high-extraction and whole grain flours. These stone-milled flours preserve most or all of the germ and bran of the wheat berry, resulting in a more nutritious and flavorful flour.

All our breads are naturally-leavened and wild fermented. This type of fermentation has been employed in bread baking for thousands of years, and yields a loaf that is ultimately more digestible and delicious.

Better farming, better flour, better bread. That's the mission.

Great flour starts with great grain

One of our responsibilities as an ingredient-driven bakery is to continually experiment with new grains and novel techniques.

Thanks to the great work being done by regional stone mills, grain breeders, and sustainably-minded growers, we have a constant supply of new and exciting heritage, landrace, and specialty grains to work with.

We're constantly working to develop techniques that allow us to incorporate higher and higher percentages of true whole grain into our breads, be they sprouted, cracked, or pre-fermented.

But the truth is, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without the inordinate effort put forth by breeders who have continuously improved some of the most delicious wheat varietals out there!

Great grain starts with great farming

In the same way that an indigenous wine grape or specialty coffee bean can contain a world of flavors within it, heritage and landrace grains express themselves in unique ways.

Great bread isn't just the result of a talented baker. Great bread goes all the way back to the soil and the farmer.

Grain producers work diligently to employ regenerative agricultural practices and enrich the soil while providing a lively and nutrient-rich environment for grain to grow.

It really does take a village, but when each member of our local grain economy puts their best foot forward, the resulting product is impossible to beat.