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Country Bread

Country Bread

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I'll be frank with you, I'm really struggling to describe this loaf. And not to get all philosophical on you, but this bread is a downright paradox.

One the one hand, it is crafted from only three ingredients: organic stone-milled flour, water, and Sicilian sea salt. It's truly as elemental as any bread can be. But it is also the most finicky and temperamental of the lot. Slight changes in the climate and humidity can have drastic effects on the dough while slight changes in hydration can be the difference between lofty auburn-colored goodness and a flat, dull pancake of a loaf.

This is the loaf where the baker's experience, technique, and intuition all come into play. Working with fresh, stone-milled grains is no small feat in today's day and age, and it's our privilege to try and bring our best to you, week in, week out. We really hope you enjoy this one.

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