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Sandwich Loaf

Sandwich Loaf

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Recipe testing is a curious ordeal. You never quite know how it's going to go.

Sometimes a new grain or novel technique guides the baker, and in turn, the baker's duty is to allow the best characteristics of the grain to shine through.

But when it came to developing a sandwich bread, we ended up reverse engineering the final qualities that we knew we wanted to showcase in a loaf pan. A familiar lightness in the hand. Beautiful aromatics when toasted. Light and balanced acidity. Staying power to ensure the loaf could get any family through the week.

And after dozens of rounds of testing, that's just what we arrived at.

We start with a blend of organic, high-extraction flours, namely Expresso Red Wheat and Edison White Wheat as well as scalded, whole grain flours that are milled in-house. From there, a touch of local honey and a long, slow natural fermentation of almost two days ensures the final result is a sandwich loaf that feels familiar, yet quite different. A world apart from any supermarket loaf.


Organic High-Extraction Expresso Red Wheat

Organic High-Extraction Edison White Wheat

Scalded Organic Whole Grain Flour


Natural Leaven

Pasture-Raised Egg

West Tennessee First-Pull Honey

Corto Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Trapani Sale di Gucciardo Sea Salt

Unsalted Butter

Keeping Your Bread Fresh

Since our breads are baked fresh twice weekly and contain no additives or preservatives, maintaining freshness throughout the week requires a bit more work. We highly recommend reading our Bread Care Guide for more information on how to keep your loaf fresh all week long!

Loaf Size

Each of our sandwich loaves weighs around 3 pounds, and you can generally expect to get around 20 slices from each loaf!

Delivery & Pickup Options

We currently offer delivery for our customers in Midtown Memphis & Mud Island (free delivery with a minimum $20 order!) and a pickup location at Rootstock Wine Merchants for customers anywhere in Memphis!

For more information about ordering, delivery, and future pickup sites, please visit our Buying Guide!

Packaging & Sustainability

In a marketing world that has been dominated by greenwashing, we want to be as straightforward with you regarding the sustainability of the packaging materials that we use.

In the case of our sandwich loaf, the paper sleeve that your loaf comes in is completely recyclable and the labels are both recyclable as well as compostable! We are currently looking for paper sleeves that are completely compostable as well in an effort to reduce the waste that we create. If you have any questions regarding our packaging or sustainability goals, please send us a message at

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Keeping & Storing

Since our sandwich bread does not contain any artificial preservatives, maintaining the freshness of your loaf takes just a bit more work! 

The recycled Kraft paper bag that your bread is delivered in serves as an excellent storage vessel that will keep your bread fresh all week long.

Take a look at our Bread Care Guide to check out our favorite tips and tricks for keeping bread fresh!